Comedy Suitcase presents: The Averagers drawing contest!

Pick your favorite Averager and use your creative superpowers to create a representation. We want drawings of all kinds. Crayon on paper, digital creations, or any other creative shareable ideas you have.

Share your Averagers creation with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Averagers and you’re automatically entered to win free tickets to the show this March!

We’ll be sharing your drawings online in the run up to opening night on March 3rd and sharing drawings by the cast as well.


More about the show

Comedy Suitcase presents: THE AVERAGERS

“The brilliant comedic minds of Comedy Suitcase”( transform your favorite big screen comic book characters into distinctly Minnesotan superheroes: middle-aged average joe turned not so super soldier Captain Average, trust-fund kid turned inventor Iron Range Man, brilliant scientist turned bottled rage monster Passive-Aggressive Bulk, overworked mother turned super spy Black Wood Tick, and God of Lumber turned idiot man-child Paul Bunyan. Alone, they are underwhelming, together they are… THE AVERAGERS!

Eric Webster as CAPTAIN AVERAGE, Joshua English Scrimshaw as PAUL BUNYAN, Levi Weinhagen as IRON RANGE MAN, Laura Zabel as BLACK WOOD TICK, Matthew Kessen as PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE BULK, Rachel Austin as BABE the BLUE OX, Irene Weinhagen as MAGGIE SUNDGAARD, Dan Hetzel as EVERYBODY ELSE

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